Feedback from the Editor

Scott Philip Stewart, Ph.D. 
Christian Author Services

Congratulations are in order. You have written a truly wonderful book that is destined to bless so many of us who struggle with taking off our masks and being real and transparent with other believers because we've been given the message all our lives that we are supposed to be if not perfect pretty dang close to it. We've been steeped in that misguided (if well-meaning) counsel such as "never air our dirty laundry in public" and "never let them see us sweat." As if it is about us and our filthy rags "holiness" and pathetic attempts to be good on our own merits rather than about Christ's righteousness that by God's grace is imputed to us! What a calling you have to show that as the old hymn puts it "grace greater than all my sin." Your book inspired me to strive to be more transparent, to use my own past and the mistakes I've made to point to how big our God's grace truly is. I am so happy you wrote this book and shared your story with the world...  


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